I’m just going to post and pretend it hasn’t been DECADES since I’ve blogged. If I ignore it, maybe everyone else will too.

So, how about a life update? Is anyone interested? Probably not, but I’m going to ignore that as well.

Burton – He’s the cutest little man I know! He’s gotten so big! I’m going to see him today and I can’t wait to give him kisses!

"I'm cute and I know it!"

So obviously dressed up as Truman the Tiger


Mr. E – The countdown has begun until I become Mrs. E! Almost Four Months! EEEKS! Save the Dates went out and wedding planning is in full force! Get excited for more Wedding Posts!

Guess who we are!



The Kids – They drive us nuts, they break things and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them!

"What's out there?!"

"Want to play?"

Work – It drives me nuts, but I have some great perks! I just spent 8 days in Hawaii where I met Tory Burch, Karl Rove (no comment) and David Foster. It was an amazing place to spend a week. I only wish I could have spent it with loved ones and not a bunch of truckers!


So that’s the brief synopsis of my life. I’m obviously struggling with the whole blogging thing. I love it because it’s the perfect outlet to write and tell random stories. My struggle is the overall theme and what I’m going to talk about. I’m contemplating a new name and a new start. Let’s noodle on that for a little while and let me know if you have any reccos.

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A quick pedi at the airport makes this 2.5 hour delay a little more bearable.


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I’m happy to announce the arrival of the newest man in my life. His name is Howard Burton Coulter and I love everything about him. His cute little nose, his big blue eyes and his little butt chin.

Congratulations to Proud Mama and Papa Mitch and Beth. I’m so happy for you guys and I know you’ll be the most amazing parents ever. Thank you for bringing my favorite little nephew into this world!

I can’t wait to spoil him rotten! 🙂

Just Born


Proud Uncle Adam

So Sweet...

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Here we go! Road trip to Vegas. It’s Mr. E’s first time and I haven’t been in years.
This is going to be fun!


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A Normal Day at the Office…

I wish, but just enjoying some down town in the middle of the Pacific.

Trying desperately not to get seasick.


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Do I dare welcome myself back? Does anyone visit this site anymore?

I’ll be honest, blogging just hasn’t been a priority lately. Ouch, the truth hurts, I know.

But, I’m about to be an auntie, I’m about to get into the trenches of wedding planning, I’m about to be on vacation…these are all great reasons to be blogging again.

I’m not going to bore you with the happenings of late. Instead, I’m just going to post a few pretty golf course pictures and call it a day. What? I can’t just go 110% the second I’m back, can I?



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Daddy’s Girl

This video is awesome! Reminds me of the notes and emails my dad sends to me reminiscing about the good old days.

Daddio, I still have those emails. I’ll keep them forever!


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